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Janice Hodge fell in love with words at the tender age of four when she learned to read. This love stayed with her though out her childhood and school years. She could be found scribbling on odd bits of paper into her early twenties. Marriage and motherhood interfered for awhile but Janice soon found herself putting short stories into drawers to be found years later. A love for animals took up most of her time between working at a house magazine, children’s travel agency, hospitals, detective agencies, credit unions and several other enterprises. All of these have provided grist for Janice’s imagination. Her love for words continues, along with love for her husband of many years. (This patient man is still introduced as her first husband.) Her family, dogs, cat, donkeys and pony still play an important part but now Janice is making time to spend with her first love and is at last allowing her imagination to be read by others.




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The horrific plunge down the mountain side left Raine Worthing with life-threatening injuries. It claimed the lives of her husband and their unborn child, along with the hopes of future children. Raine saw no reason to continue. Some reasons are too much for human comprehension and best kept hidden. To give her life purpose, Raine returned to her nursing duties as soon as she was able and immersed herself in her work. By cloaking her feelings, she put on a coat of protection every time she put on her nursing outfit, and soon that brave control figured in all aspects of her life.  Until the day she was kidnapped. Her attitude and ability to cope are again threatened in as deadly a way as the crash. She will have to draw on every inner strength she owns to come out of this alive.  

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New book: Eye Witness


As a teaser, here is the first page of my new book, EYE WITNESS, soon to be released on please check it out by putting Eye Witness Hodge in the search engine. (If you leave off the Hodge, it’s difficult to bring the book to the front of the line.) I hope it piques your interest. Cheers Jan

The man produced a gun and fired three rapid shots. Terror-struck, Gladys Brown slumped to the ground, still holding the camera phone. She had taken his picture. Thank heavens it wasn’t the man she thought it might be.

This is awkward, jumping midway into this story. Here and now is not the beginning. 

People may tell you lightening doesn’t strike twice, at least not in the same place. They lie, it does. 

Gladys works as a janitor in downtown Toronto. Toronto thinks of itself as Toronto, the centre of the universe. Toronto The Good. Gladys doesn't share those opinions any more.

What is a nice, charming girl like Gladys doing working as a janitor, at night in particular? 

She is not here by choice. 

In another lifetime Gladys was your average young woman from a good family with every advantage and convenience laid out. Every thing had changed, her whole way of live. Even her name. 

She used to be Rebecca Reynolds.